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Open the way

June 2012



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Jun. 27th, 2012


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That world with the colossi and glowy children things.Collapse )

Jul. 7th, 2010

To freedom.


[She is recording the water going past on the boat, the waves lapping against the hull.

She lifts up the camera and smiles.

The water is nice, but I do not see anything alive yet.There is wind, and the ship is nice also.

[She wanders away, climbing up the rope to the mast. She takes out the comm again, taking video of the view. She's speaking in her language, quiet, but there's excitement in her tone. Eventually the feed grows dimmer and dimmer until it crackles out. She's out of range.]

Jun. 7th, 2010

Why do the white gulls call?


[There is a familiar crack of electricity, and for a moment just silence. Then there is a not so familiar crackle, something that sounds somewhere between electricity and a distant toll of a bell. Strange and echoing. It seems Yorda retaliated against her shock.

When she speaks, her tone is neutral.

I have word for you. Many word. But for so long, I do not know how to say them.

I am knowing now.

...Person has killed. I am not know you or why you kill scientist. But there is person dead, and that person will not come back. That is death. Person here, they forget death. It is so easy for to be forgetting such thing. Easy to forget in place where person come back.

But person from here, when they die they do not come back. They die. All thing must.

You are all same. We are same. Why so many kill, I do not know. But person is dead. Person who is knowing your way home.

Apr. 20th, 2010

And the truth is a bitter friend


This is not the light as last time. I am not one doing this.

Something has come. It wants you to die.

It will speak to you pain. It will show to you pain. It will take away your desire, make you empty until you do not wish to live.

...Something has come.

You must fight it, from inside yourself first. You must not give it what it want. You must not die.

Mar. 19th, 2010

My Medea


[The camera clicks on and you get a shot of a bird, eating cut up fruit and stale crackers out of a pale hand. There's little noise besides the rustle of leaves in the greenhouse and the constant fluttering of wings.

Occasionally, another dove will show up to peck at the trail of food nearby, but for now Yorda's only managed to get one to come near her.

The filming continues for a while until the bird flutters away. The camera follows it until it reaches the nesting coop Prydain built and the bird settles.]

Natre, il sedina sol lana mi hol desol ni. Il le da, nadri.

[And the feed is clicked off.]

Mar. 14th, 2010

Hay u guys wat goin on in this thred?

[Voice Post]

Is anyone in Gohl place seeing small shovel?

I have it, only moment. Il se akaris de nimoi te sol...

Feb. 27th, 2010

Open the way

[Video Post]

[The video flickers on to the inside of the greenhouse. Most of the plants have been put back after the snow storm. There are panes of glass that are cracked, some altogether gone and replaced by squares of tarp or cloth.

From its humble beginnings as just a place to house the plants that grow, the greenhouse has somehow transformed into a miniature jungle. There are rows of troughs, pots, buckets, bureau drawers and just about any container you can imagine, full of soil and the beginnings of this years plants. New trees are beginning to sprout while the old ones continue to make their way into adulthood. The Discedo trees grow hard into the roof, and have already started to blossom. Grape vines grow on every available surface. The venus fly trap is getting increasingly larger by the day and several new Discedo trees are rapidly on the way due to their ability to grow so quickly. The giant apple tree is at the center of it all, leafing early this year. Yorda's strange sword sits under it, jammed into the soil and roof for safe keeping. These plants have had a lot of help not just to survive but to flourish.

The glass that broke during the storm has been recycled was remade into strange decorations, often resembling something between a windchime and a dreamcatcher. Some are visible, hanging from the ceiling at varying lengths. They give an odd hum and reflect the dull winter sunlight in strange ways. The place is welcoming if you know Yorda and those who work here, it can be eerie if you don't.

Speaking of trouble, a pale, gray and white blur streaks past the comm, looking excited.

"Nil sa," she says, pausing at one of the metal supports that holds the greenhouse together. Rests her hand on it, and for a brief second nothing happens. Then the new ornaments begin to vibrate and give off a high-pitched ring. There's a burst of light, crackling like electricity and swirling up the support like a blinding fog. The light clears, and the ornaments settle down. For a moment, strange writings pulse along the metal support before fading into it. Yorda steps back, looking around as if to admire her handiwork before going to tend to the plants. The comm shortly after times out.]

[ooc: Open commentlog in the greenhouse? :D]

Feb. 16th, 2010

Open the way

[Voice Post]

Trouble come, trouble leave.

We live.

The winter will go, spring will come. Life will wake.

We still live.

This place, many person call cage, but many time I think it is not so different from place person is before. We do not choose place we are, we do not choose the thing we are born into. We do not choose who come, who go in life. Only who we reach our hand to.

Thing we choose are thing that are right or wrong or between. The path we walk. What we sacrifice. What we keep precious and never give.

...Life is not fair. But we are alive.

They gave you back life.


Live well.

Jan. 25th, 2010

When the dark night seems endless

[Video Post]

[It's a little past midnight, and she's quiet, watching the snow fall down. She eventually smiles to herself as if there is some kind of secret before setting down a small twig with apple blossoms on the comm.]

Even in sadness, we may find some happiness.

Sil dahan ni mia sol ka, il Prydain? It is your second sun circle.

Jan. 13th, 2010

Open the way

[Voice Post ]


This is good dirt.

Thank you scientist! I make of good use.


The strange tree, it give many fruit. Person who have seed, bring to greenhouse please. Many good things to plant.

Also, new person are come to this place, se ya? You learn way of Discedo soon. Find place to be safe, watch for monster, rest often.

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